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We Help With The Things You Have To Pay

Haftoo is committed to empowering people in creating extraordinary and fulfilling lives

We don’t believe in charity cases… we believe in people.

We believe that people who are having financial issues and people who are keen on helping them are equally passionate about transforming lives – their own and that of others.  

A popular quote goes “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” – well, we made sure Haftoo does both! 

First, we provided a platform that gives you the ability to create campaigns to raise funds or to donate money to fix immediate financial issues. Our AI-powered $1 funding concept and 100% operational transparency via blockchain technology makes it easier and faster to raise money from loved ones and from the Haftoo global community, angels and sponsors - and you don’t have to pay back a single cent.  Why?  Because we’re here to give away the fish, not sell it for profit.  In fact, part of the 10% we earn goes back to fund campaigns to help ensure that our members reach their financial goals.

Second, we made sure that you have access to life-enhancing tools. Haftoo, with the help of volunteers and its generous community, offers FREE financial education as well as other courses and training certifications that can help enhance your professional profile and consequently, improve your financial status. You can also avail of free life coaching on an ongoing basis to help keep you on track in achieving your goals.


We’re convinced that by helping to provide financial aid to solve the immediate need and then providing free education as well as life coaching for the long term, Haftoo can fulfill its mission to empower people in creating extraordinary and fulfilling lives.

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