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We Are Launching Our First Course: Security +
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This week we are offering the first 25 customers a huge discount on our Live-Online Security+ Mega Training Package. And the GREAT NEWS IS, Today You can reserve a set for just $1.00. Click here to learn more.
Getting help during difficult time.
ONGOING PROBLEM  Getting help during difficult times  Average working-class people run into financial hardship and up until now they have had no reliable source to turn to for help. Many have tried to use crowdfunding platforms but more than 90% of fundraising campaigns worldwide do not get funded.  Other people try friends and family which in many cases prove to be more stressful and less successful than using a crowdfunding platform. Some use payday loan companies and pawn shops but with the high interest rates they find themselves in worse shape once the loan payments start.  Over 2 million businesses worldwide have shut down permanently since the coronavirus outbreak, and on top of that,
We Help With The Things You Have To Pay
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Haftoo is committed to empowering people in creating extraordinary and fulfilling lives We don’t believe in charity cases… we believe in people. We believe that people who are having financial issues and people who are keen on helping them are equally passionate about transforming lives – their own and that of others.   A popular quote goes “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” – well, we made sure Haftoo does both!  First, we provided a platform that gives you the ability to create campaigns to raise funds or to donate money to fix immediate financial issues. Our AI-powered $1 funding concept and 100% operational transparency via
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